EC2, Ubuntu, and Rails


Needing a place to ferret index over 3.5 million records, my options were to either run my macbook at 100% cpu for the whole weekend or pay some change to amazon for use of their ec2. I chose the latter and have been extremely impressed. Following the guides at amazon, I had Marcin’s base ubuntu image up and running in in a few minutes. Sweet, I’ll be ferreting in no time. However, all joy vanished when an apt-get install mysql failed repeatedly.

An install of mysql on ubuntu should be rock solid by now, I thought. But I kept getting the error and even worse it would not let me remove the package to start over.

After much digging and dismay, I found out that the loopback interface did not start with the instance. Therefore the solution is simply to

1) sudo ifup lo
2) change the bind address in /etc/mysql/my.cnf to the public facing ip address.

Once done, the apt install completed and all was well. Now back to ferreting.


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