Tim Pope’s rails.vim plugin is essential…Also, one more vim hint


By Josh Adams.

First: Tim Pope released a Rails plugin for vim that you can get right here. Kevin showed it to me today, and it took roughly 25 seconds to install (just unzip it into ~/.vim if you’re running *NIX).

Second, and relatedly: In vim, “Ctrl-6” will function as a ‘back’ button for things like the ‘gf’ command, for instance. This is very useful once using Tim’s plugin.

Tim’s plugin lets you do some great things like:

  • Easily switch between model and test (use “:A”, for alternate file)
  • Easily switch between related files (for instance, “:Runittest foo” will open up the test/unit/foo.rb file. If you’re already in that file, then “:Rmodel” will take you to that model. This is exactly like the “:A” functionality above, but you can also do things like “:Rcontroller”, “:Rmigration”, etc.
  • You can use “gf” to easily navigate through your codebase. For instance, placing the cursor atop the string “HeyMacarena” would take you to the definition (either in /lib or in /app/model or in /app/controller, wherever…it’ll find it) for that class. Similarly, if you place your cursor over the symbol in, say “belongs_to :bar”, then the Bar model file is opened.
  • “:Rgenerate model foo” will call ‘script/generate model foo’ and then place you inside of app/models/foo.rb

These are just a few of the nice features. You can find out more in ~/.vim/doc/rails.txt after installing the plugin.

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